Meet the Team

Skidaway Island Team

the team

Throughout the semester our team has been working on creating the perfect app for UGA's Marine Education Center and Aquarium at Skidaway Island. Read about each member below to see how this process was made possible!

Claudia Luna Priego

Co-Branding Director, Videography Lead, Point of Contact

Claudia is a senior Advertising major and Art Studio minor at UGA and will be graduating this December. As co-branding lead, she assisted in assuring that the app’s design followed UGA’s branding guidelines. In addition, she served as the team’s videography lead where she filmed, assisted in direction, and edited the trailer for the app.

Kate Moynahan

Technology Lead & Coder

Kate is a senior Advertising major and will be graduating in May 2018. As the technology lead and coder, she used XCode and Swift to create the final iOS app, as well as beta versions. She was also in charge of this website and ensured that both the website and final product were cohesive.

Claire Dickey

Graphics Lead & Project Manager

Claire is a senior Advertising major at UGA and will be graduating this December. As the Graphics Lead, she helped to create all illustrative elements depicted within the app. Additionally, as our team’s Project Manager, Claire aided in distributing tasks and keeping everyone on track.

Spenser Thompson

Co-Brading Director, Lead Point of Contact for Client, Graphics Assistant

Spenser is a senior Public Relations major and History minor at UGA and will be graduating in May 2018. As co-branding director, she worked to make sure that all deliverables were in line with UGA’s branding guidelines. She also served as a project manager and delegator for the group to help distribute assignments and helped whenever needed for graphics and written deliverables.

Lisa Fu

Delegator & Video Assistant

Lisa is a senior Economics and Journalism major graduating in December 2017. As a delegator, Lisa aided in distirbution of assignments and helped with written assignments. She took charge of the Beta UX, trailer script, and booth set-up. She also assisted in video production.